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Entry #1

I'm a huge lurker.

2010-09-02 10:34:46 by Saltey

I've had this Newgrounds account for a long time and I rarely sign into it because of how stupid I was last time I was in it to act like a complete twonk (My name was bumfudge back then) but I now realise that Newgrounds is a thriving community full of brilliant people and I will be on here more and more in the coming time.


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2010-09-02 10:53:56

Do not worry, my good sir. I am sure that you shall find friendship in this exellent establishment.

Saltey responds:

Oh, my good chap, I'm sure I will, I'm sure I will..


2010-09-02 16:06:24

Yay! More friends! (maybe) XD


2010-09-02 18:20:27

It's a thriving community, but I don't think 'brilliant' is a way to describe all of the antisocial chronic-masturbating teens on this site. All the same, welcome back to Newgrounds, try to enjoy the BBS more often : )

...the key word being 'try'.


2011-06-15 23:55:25

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